About Jerry

Hi, My Name is Jerry & This is My Personal Blog!

I'm a young Internet Entrepreneur, more specifically, a Blogger & an Affiliate Marketer.

To be honest with you, I'm not successful YET, neither do I earn a lot of money YET! But I've found a proven system and strategy that everyone can follow and make money online. 

However, just like any business, it's easy to make SOME money but it definitely takes a lot of time and effort to make A LOT OF money. That's why I said I'm not successful YET. I've found the method and it has been working for me. I'm just working my way to scale it up.

The very good thing about this online business is that you can succeed and become financially free a lot faster than the normal jobs. I've seen people transforming their lives in just two to three years working on this online business. Some even took just one year.

So, if you're interested to learn how I make passive income online, I have another website which focuses on this. It's called Smart Affiliate Success!

Jerry Huang

By the way, that's my mum's ukulele and it's just for show. I don't know how to play it at all. LOL

This website you're looking at right now is my personal website where I will share my knowledge, values, thoughts about anything that can help improve and enrich other people's lives in my opinion. I will share about anything that I think is helpful, be it online business, offline business, self-development, life lessons, etc...

Thank you for visiting my website and I really hope my website has positive impacts on you in one way or another!


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More About Myself

I come from Taichung, Taiwan. But I'm staying in Singapore right now for study. 

My parents brought me and my younger brother to Singapore in 2009 when I just graduated from Primary/Elementary School. I hated their decision back then because I didn't want to leave the place where I had been living for 12 years.

Time flies! 8 years have passed and I've completed my Secondary School, Junior College and even National Service here in Singapore. Looking back from now, my parents decision was right. I'm glad I came to Singapore so that I have a more global perspective. More importantly, my command of English drastically improved over the years!

This enables me to travel around the world in time to come and to build websites like this to communicate with you. Not only that, I can do business that's not restricted to just the Taiwanese and Chinese people. I can now do learn and do business with people from all over the world.

Jerry Huang

Now, I'm even planning to learn Japanese, Korean and even the computer languages like HTML, Java, Java Scripts, etc...

I will never stop learning because Learning is the Prerequisite of Earning!

(You may be wondering why I need to serve National Service (NS) in Singapore when I'm a Taiwanese. Actually, I have the Singapore Permanent Resident pass which allow me to stay here and study at a lower fee. And according to their law, all Permanent Residents are to serve NS as well due to the lack of manpower.)

I Am Different

I'm not a normal person like many others. Let me explain what I mean by "not a normal person"...

I'm 20 this year. At this age, many of my peers are playing a lot of mobile and online games like Mobile Legend, Hearthstone, Dota, etc. But I've never play any of them before. I don't have a single game inside my phone and my computer. I'm just not interested at all.

Many of my peers at this age are also enjoying lives, going to parties, clubs, or some are doing part-time jobs for the sake of killing time and getting some pocket money for the next overseas trip. Most of the people at this age have no idea what they're gonna do for their lives.

But I'm different, I know what I want and how to achieve them. A part of this may be due to my girlfriend who is 10 years older than me. This really encourages and motivates me to work extremely hard so that I can give her the life we always dream of.

I didn't know what I want in life since young though. I still remembered the time in Primary/Elementary school when we need to write essay about "What I want to be in the future". I really struggled with that. I was clueless about what I want when my peers have some very common dreams like becoming a police, a teacher, etc.

At that time I thought there was something wrong with me because it seems like I was the only one who didn't know what to do. But as I grew older, I slowly realized that it's because I'm an entrepreneur at heart since young. I don't want to be trapped in the traditional corporate world following the traditional corporate ladders & rules. They are meant to develop a good employee most of the time.

I Have A Millionaire Mind!

This phrase comes from the awesome book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker.

I was not the kind of person who likes reading a lot. In fact, I hated reading a lot when I was young. As I grew older, I slowly picked up the habit of reading when I know more and more about what I really want in life. I know that in order to get to where I want to go and become what I want to be, I need to change and enrich my mind first. And the best way to change your mind is by reading lots of books!

According to Business Insider, Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year, that's almost one book per week. Imagine the amount of time he spends on reading alone. No matter how cliche it may sound, this is one of the reasons why he is so successful today.

Also, I choose my books wisely. I love reading books about business, self-development and most importantly books about mindset. Over the past few years, I've read quite a lot of well-known books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, The 4-Hour Work Week, Think and Grow Rich, Shoe Dog, etc... Since then my mindset and values have changed a lot. I can confidently say that I have a millionaire mind now!

Let me tell you some of my plans:

  • I'm not going to apply for jobs and work for others. I'm working for myself and make the money work for me.
  • I'm not going to the University for the sake of getting the diploma because diploma is just a piece of paper. I'm going to University to learn things I want to learn and can be applied to my entrepreneurship and business. If I cannot learn what I want, I'm not going to complete my University and waste money.
  • I'm going to marry my girlfriend in 2 years time (by 2020). That means if I'm studying University, I'm going to get married half way through it.
  • Now that I have the means to build up my full-time passive income stream, I'll work extremely hard for it and be financially free by 2020. I welcome you to join me, regardless of your age and your country. I can help you and we can work together online! Simply drop me a message at my Contact page if you're really interested.

You may think I'm crazy but this is LIFE.

As long as you have dreams, set good goals and very specific action plans to make it happen!

Nothing Is Impossible. It's just whether your DESIRE & DETERMINATION for it is huge enough.

If you are an aspiring person, irregardless of your age, background or whatsoever, it's never too late to pick up the habit of reading and start changing your life. Trust me, everything is possible and it's worth the effort.

Check Out My Top Recommended Reading List To Change Your Life At My Resource Page Now!

My Relationship

Like I've said earlier, I have a girlfriend who is 10 years older than me. I know it may be unbelievable for some of you. But... this is 21th Century! This kind of relationship is very common nowadays...

I met my girlfriend in December 2014 and it's going to be 3 years soon. Apart from the 10 years difference, we are also in a long distance relationship ever since December 2014 till now. She's working in Taiwan and I'm serving my national service and studying in Singapore. This makes this relationship even harder.

But we managed to get through the unstable and quarreling stage. Now, our relationship is very stable.

Like I've said earlier, the dream of marrying her as soon as possible, giving her the lifestyle we've always wanted and the dream of travelling with her around the world always motivates me in my business.

Ivy & Jerry

Me & My Girlfriend Ivy

Ivy, I thank you a lot for this. I promise to give you the best possible lifestyle and future for us!

Jerry kiss Ivy

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